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Barzilay & ELBE – an Electronic Match?

Barzilay & ELBE – an Electronic Match?

By: Iris Saar

It was my GPS which led me to HaOfe Street, in the heart of Askelon’s southern industrial zone. The green gate opened and in front of my eyes, in all its glory, was a stylish, contemporary building baring the name "M. Barzilay". A broad smiling Orna directed me straight to the room of Efi Barzilay – the CEO of M. Barzilay, Metal Industries LTD.

Over a cup of hot coffee, I heard the history of the company, which specializes in the manufacturing of electronic packaging equipment and high accuracy mechanical components for industrial use, including manufacturing parts via subcontracting and performing mechanical assembly. Founded in 1967 by Mordechai Barzilay, the company started as a small family business for building & shelter frameworks.

By the 1990’s, the company expanded into the production of safety room doors. In order to further expand into tin processing, the company purchased machinery for cutting, bending and punching. To accommodate the new capabilities, the plant expanded.

In 2008, the company completed construction of a new facility, featuring an advanced manufacturing floor, spacious workspace and production line with an organized flow (from receiving raw materials to shipment of finished goods) to meet the specific needs of their many customers in the defense, military and aviation, communication, printing, medical and micro – electronics industries.

ELBE has worked with Barzilay throughout its history, culminating in the development of the new facility. The partnership between the companies started in the 1970s, when Mordechai Barzilay bought a Trennjaeger Saw (for cutting profiles and tubes) and a drilling machine (for drilling hinges for shelter doors) from the late Jacob Bowman. Later on, universal cutting scissors for professional iron cutting were also purchased from ELBE.

In 2003, with the increase in demand for advanced technology in Barzliay’s facility, the following equipment was purchased from ELBE: a TRUMPF R2020 punching machine,, the TRUMABEND-V130 including special bending software and later, in 2007, due to increasing demand, the V85, the most advanced machine at the time. With the transition to the new facility in 2008, Barzilay purchased a 3530 laser machine with a 4Kw resonator. In the same year, Barzilay also purchased the TOUCH824 and the HAEGER machine hard disk.

ELBE has played a key role throughout Barzilay`s development, consistently delivering quality, efficiency and service. Efi Barzilay often states that the cooperation between Barzilay and ELBE is characterized by ELBE`s ability to understand the needs of the facility at all times, their willingness to suggest comprehensive & appropriate solutions in the tin processing domain as well as their willingness to always assist - by providing the know-how prior to purchasing a machine or providing technical assistance by phone or at the facility.

Barzilay emphasizes the added value ELBE provides with its experienced sales team and high quality technical team. "The trick is not to buy a machine," he says, "but to gain the know-how to achieve maximum performance, as well as a staff that is supportive in any situation." If so, all that remains is to move forward together, like two good friends with a rich past and a promising future