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Finance Services

Finance Services:

If you are interested in purchasing a new machine, ELBE Ltd.'s financial services provides a flexible, original and creative solution which will give an appropriate solution to your financial options.

Financing Options:
ELBE Ltd. leading Technological Solutions Ltd. in cooperated with E.L ELBE Leasing company offers a variety of financing solutions. All aim and designed in order to allow each customer to find the most suitable purchase option. Such As:

  • Loan
  • Leasing
  • Financial leasing
  • Line of Credit
  • Deferred payment

If you choose financed through leasing, we offer several options when termination of use, including options such as equipment upgradig, continue leasing, equipment purchase or return.
Contact us to check the appropriate option for you.

Why Leasing?

  • New equipment at hand and a low initial investment.
  • Liquidity in the tenant does not hurt.
  • No effect on the balance sheet tenant.
  • Bank credit lines available to exploit other investments.
  • Fixed payments enable monitoring pricing and cash flow.
  • The entire payment is recognized as an expense and can be deducted immediately.
  • Options for full coverage of maintenance services and spare parts for the duration of the lease.
  • Savings in insurance expenses (broken) and deductibles.
  • Attractive acquisition or disposal of the asset at the end of the rental period.

Payment Alternatives:

 Payment: 100%
 Equipment Cost
 100%  Equipment
 Precent of Equipment
 Cost based on  Period of Use.

 100% in Cash No Need for
 Down- Payment
 0%-20% of 
 Equipment Cost
 Impact on
 The Bank
Credit Lines:
 Loss of Liquidity &
 Other Investment Purposes
 Decrease Credit Lines No Impact
 Options at the
 end of
 Rental Period
 Dealing with the Full
 Cost as  Equipment
 Dealing with the
 Full Cost as  
 Equipment Obsolescence
 Full Returning or Purchasing
 of all Equipment in a Range of
 Options & Terms
 Actual Payment Full price is paid in
 advance in cash offending
 Payments Include a
 full Price of Equipment
 Plus Expenses
 Monthly payments,
 in many cases, lower 
 Overall operating cost of the equipment
 Ordinary Depreciation
 For 5 years
 Depreciation for 5 years,
 Usually not Compliant
 Terms of the Loan
 Check with Your Accountant about
 Your Benefits of Existing Many
 Appropriate for Your Business. 
 Not Affect the Balance Sheet.

Contact E.L Elbe Leasing:

E.L. Elbe Leasing Ltd.
Eyal Amdorski, Finance Manager
Phone: 09-9720200