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Hyundai Robotics

Hyundai Robotics is a Korean leading company in the industrial robotic arms market. Hyundai Robotics is a globally recognized brand that provides users with access to the latest and best industrial technologies, with modern and multi-purpose industrial robots now available in our country as well.

Hyundai Robotics has agencies in leading countries such as China, India, Czech Republic, Turkey, Brazil and continues to grow and expand overseas, and is careful to maintain distinguished equipment satisfaction and after-sales service.

So why choose Hyundai Robotics?

  • An advanced and free HRSpace programming environment used to test, configure and program robots offline and online
  • No additional additions of software options
  • Huge possibilities in adding and using additional synchronized axes, controlled by a robot controller (harmonious work is possible and welding and other processes)
  • competitive price
  • Full technical support and warranty service
  • Elbe company service and support
  • Albe is the official representative and importer of a robotic arm from Hyundai Robotics in Israel.

For details of all the robotic arms visit the company's website - click here