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MATSUURA was founded in 1935 in Japan.

Since founded and till today, is at the forefront of innovation, design, development and production of high-quality machines.

Matsurra raised and carries the banner of high level of products due to it's high standrad of global demand for high reliability, accuracy and reliable performance.

Following the manner of it's founder, Matsurra nowadays manufactures a wide range of machining centers, high speed and top which covers all of the industry sectors.

Matsurra is globally recognized as a leading technology and innovation performance
Prestigious customer base Matsurra spans aerospace, automobile, electronics, communications.

Matsurra's global customer base requires and receives the products of Matsurra in a high accuracy, reliability and speed along with application and technical support and service that is second to none.

Dedication and commitment to research and development part of daily conduct.
Products incorporating emerging technologies is the main reason Matsurra maintains its position as the technological leader.

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