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MATSUURA's Press Release

5-Axis Vertical Machining Center: “MX-520” Product Release

The MX-520 is a 5-axis machine developed under Matsuura’s “Safe” and “User Friendly” concepts, as well as in
terms of operation, so that novices in 5-axis machining can use it safely and easily.

In 1991, Matsuura developed the MAM72 series designed for high added value 5-axis production, resulting in
flexible multiple setups, varied types of production and extended unmanned capabilities. Since then we have sold
numerous machines of these series all over the world. The MAM72 has proven itself internationally with an
excellent track record in various industrial fields such as automobile, aircraft and medical equipment, with more than
800 machines delivered globally.
To meet current demand for cost reduction, we have achieved a good cost performance ratio in the MX-520 by
reducing the total number of components used while maintaining our “5-axis know-how” that has been obtained
through the development and success of the MAM72 series. In addition, various support functions are now
provided as standard features. New operators can therefore perform 5-axis machining operations in a “Safe” and
“User Friendly” environment. The MX-520 will help to eliminate customer concerns about 5-axis machines, being
considered as expensive and difficult to operate, which will also help the customers make the step to a full 5-axis
machining capability.

The MX-520 in its compact form assures high rigidity as well as a generous machining envelope with good
operability. It is as compact as our vertical machining center, V.Plus-800, which allows smooth transition from
3-axis machining into 5-axis machining. The MX-520 can hold workpieces with sizes up to D520 mm(20.47 in.) ×
H350 mm(13.77 in.), and its good accessibility, with the distance from the machine door to the table center of 385
mm(15.15 in.) ensures easy work setup.
A unique collision avoidance system “IPS : Intelligent Protection System” is employed in the MX-520 to facilitate
the most complex 5-axis machining operations. In addition to IPS, the next-generation operating system of “MIMS :
Matsuura Intelligent Meister System” is offered as a standard feature. MIMS was developed to help the operator
carry out setup work, machine operation and maintenance, ensuring energy and labor savings at the same time.