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OKUMA, the world leading Japanese manufacturer in manufacturing metalworking machinery.

For more than a century OKUMA is making history by manufacturing and marketing a wide range of machines which constantly embedded innovation and creativity that characterizes OKUMA machines.

OKUMA is proud to be the only company which develops and produce it's known complexes and control system. This is Okuma's "Intellegent Technology"

  • "Thermo-Friendly Concept": OKUMA machines that feature TFC are designed to respond to heat in certain (manageable) directions. Coupled with highly accurate thermal deformation compensation, the benefit is highly stable accuracy over long, continuous runs.
  • "Collision Avoidance System". CAS prevents collisions in automatic or manual mode, providing risk-free protection for the machine – and great confidence for the operator.
  • "Machining Navi" :Optimum processing conditions are hallmarks of innovative thinking and creativity that characterizes over the years the company OKUMA. With graphical representation of machine performance, the operator can easily select optimal cutting conditions.
  • 5-Axis Auto Tuning System: When machining with a 5-axis CNC machine tool, it is common for geometric errors to affect the quality of the part. Commissioning and general wear & tear can take a toll on the kinematic chain and result in potential quality issues in your finished parts. Machines come out of level over time and even the smallest bumps can cause geometric errors. To maintain high-level 5-axis machining, an accurate on-site tuning must be done to compensate for any geometric errors.
  • SERVONAVI: Okuma’s SERVONAVI is a high-precision technology that improves cycle times and accuracy when machining heavy parts. This technology can be applied on all Okuma double column, vertical, and horizontal machining centers.

OKUMA machines are installed at the  Israeli market in different kinds of industries.

OKUMA's main target as a leading manufacturer and ELBE Ltd. as it's exclusive representative is to create maximum benefits to the end user, using leading technologies, reliability and continuity.


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