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OKUMA has stated: Elbe 1st in service!

OKUMA has stated: Elbe 1st in service!

Okuma's conference for agents in Europe held in October in Spain.
As always, Okuma gave awards for the outstanding agents in the past year .

In the outstanding Service category Award Okuma Agency in Switzerland won the bronze medal, and with a small margin Okuma's agency in the Netherlands won the silver.

In a large gap from both Elbe company won the gold medal.

Reasons for the award mentioned Elbe's active technical service participation in OKUMA training courses. Also mentioned, independence in solving problems without intervention service department of Okuma , and Logistics excels in shipping parts .

The award was presented to Mr. David Bauman, Elbe's CEO by:
Dean Hanaki , President of OKUMA corporation ,
Kaoru Aoyama , President of OKUMA Europe
And Norbert Teeuwen , vice president of OKUMA Europe.